It is important that Build Up, Inc. and its sponsored projects share core values and objectives.

Therefore, before applying for sponsorship with Build Up, Inc., please review and confirm the following criteria:

  • Your project is proposing brave socio-economic change for marginalized or vulnerable and under-resourced communities. We are interested in sponsoring and incubating projects that are interested in disrupting the status quo.
  • You have inclusive leadership. We are one of the only fiscal sponsors that place women of color in the conversation about socio-economic change at the highest levels, and sponsor projects that aim to do the same.
  • You are willing to build your capacity in order to be sustainable. We do not require projects to receive minimum contributions, but we ask that they are willing to build their capacity to reach their funding goals.
  • You would like to receive comprehensive support to do your best work and are not interested in being fiscally sponsored to receive Section 501(c)(3) status. We are interested in working with projects that want to receive more than just transactional support.

If you satisfy these criteria, we recommend that you apply for sponsorship with Build Up, Inc. Click the button below to submit your application and we will set up a discovery call with you to discuss your sponsorship needs.