Obstetricians for Reproductive Justice

Obstetricians for Reproductive Justice

A multicultural OBGYN-led organization that works to share the stories of the real-time harm happening to patients and providers in post-Roe America.

Their Goal
To go to communities where their presence is needed to bring financial and logistical support as well as education, and by amplifying stories in traditional and social media keeping reproductive justice in the forefront. They are nimble, bold, and in positions of power as reproductive health experts in protected states – and they are ready to act.

Their Pillars

  • Storytelling: Amplifying stories of patients who have been harmed by these bans, with a focus on communities that are most vulnerable. Amplifying stories of providers who are in hostile or sanctuary states who are being targeted or working an untenable amount.
  • Activisim: Creating opportunities for doctor-led activism that hasn’t been done in this way before.Engaging with communities who need education, resources, and funding – with an intentional focus on those traditionally ignored and thus most harmed.
  • Future-Proofing: Partnering with current and future abortion providers to ensure this critical provision of healthcare does not disappear because of limitations on medical training via helping with funds for training and novel ways to expand access.